St. Tammany property transfers for June 11-17, 2024. See a list of home and other sales. (2024)

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St. Tammany property transfers for June 11-17, 2024. See a list of home and other sales. (2)


Transfers for June 11-17


ABITA SPRINGS ESTATES, LOT 7, BLOCK D: $24,000, Succession of Anthony J. Leone to Charles J. Bopp Jr. and Ellen Mullins Bopp.

CRESTWOOD ESTATES, PHASE 2D, LOT 79: $191,800, Shirley Scairono Keller to Teresa B. Inabnet.

CRESTWOOD ESTATES, PHASE 2D, LOT 79: $66,000, donation, Keith H. Keller and Kenneth J. Keller to Teresa B. Inabnet.

HILLCREST COUNTRY CLUB SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 68: $9,000, Southern Land Pro LLC to Wallber Aves DeOliveria.

HILLCREST COUNTRY CLUB SUBDIVISION, LOT 26, SQUARE 68: $9,000, Southern LandPro LLC to James P. Wood and Kimberly M. Wood.

LEVEL ST. 22202: $150,000, Tamprop Inc. and JP & KP WA LLC to Mary Gary Cooper and Karen Schowalter Cooper.

MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2B, LOT 148: $745,000, Earl T. Guyton Jr. and Teresa Guyton to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.

MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2B, LOT 148: $745,000, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to James R. Prall and Linda J. Richard Prall.

NEAR ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $400,000, Ozain Properties LLC to C&S Properties-G LLC.

POITEVENT ST. 71310: $329,900, Peace Enterprises LLC to Milton M. Stamper and Brenda K. Hill Stamper.

SEVENTH ST. 22078: $192,000, Succession of Alice Carruth Mayeur to Ryan C. Moran.

TOWN OF ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $242,000, Southwest Builders LLC to Gregory Stephen Maudlin and Janalee Consiglio Maudlin.


BOSTON ST. 848, UNIT 304, PARKING SPACE 26: $135,000, William F. Robert to Peggy L. Santana.

COYNE ROAD 78152: $212,500, Collin J. Panks to Brent Felician Cabrera and Maureen Crawford Cabrera.

CRESTVIEW HILLS LOOP 75136: $288,500, Alexandra Bush Felean to Aaron Izworski and Kristen Izworski.

DAHLIA ST. 72494: $13,500, Chrissa Lewis to Whitney Ford.

DELTA LANE 1177: $675,000, Craig V. Peters to Nicholas Platt and Brenna Schuller.

E. BOSTON ST. 848, UNIT 403: $320,000, Jamie A. Myers to Wayne Mason and Ronnie Harrison Mason.

E. SECOND AVE. 308: $369,500, Emile W. Frey IV and Sarah Frey to Max A. Garma and Charlotte R. Garma.

E. SECOND AVE. 507: $300,000, Jennifer Lee Carr to Jesse Augustine Jr. and Bryn A. Robicheaux.

EAGLE LOOP 564: $343,000, Gregory L. Tolbert to Lam Thanh Pham and Ruby H. Nguyen.

EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 28104, PARKING SPACE 158: $140,000, Eberts Grandchildren Trust to James T. Dubroca Jr. and Judy J. Dubroca.

G ST. 70404: $205,000, Juneaux LLC to Jamal F. Barakat and Fadia B. Barakat.

G ST. 70428: $215,500, Reiher LLC to Philip Abadie.

GARDEN WALK DRIVE 128: $545,653, Garden Walk LLC to Donald J. Gares Jr.

GLEN LOOP 31: $525,000, Thomas F. Lobello Jr. and Peggy O. Lobello to Joshua T. Norris and Jena Frye Norris.

GREENBRIAR DRIVE 29: $625,000, Carol Laurent Benson to Kevin Goodson and Keely Goodson.

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS DRIVE 16855: $350,000, Joshua T. Norris and Jena Frye Norris to Colin A. Bird and Jordan M. Bird.

JONES ROAD 12107, 12099: donation, no value stated, Sahana Sharan to James L. Steele.

LA. 1129 80310: $160,000, Frank J. Dioguardi and Lura C. McCarthy Dioguardi to Ryan J. Riviere and Heather M. Rogers Riviere.

LAZY RIVER ESTATES, LOTS 153A, 154A: $90,000, Bleu Frog LLC to Terry J. Leonard Jr. and Rebecca S. Leonard.

MELISSA LANE 19448: $496,000, Sandra Durbin Burch to John W. Swiger II.

MISTLETOE DRIVE 47: donation, no value stated, Edward V. Brown III to Sarah Cuccia Brown.

MOORE BLVD. 526: $288,000, Succession of Dorothy Klatt Cloutman to Benjamin Lynn Dixon and Taylor Masson Dixon.

N. THIRD ST. 19468: donation, no value stated, Marie E. Gambina to Wendy F. Coulton.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $600, Daryl B. Henkhause to Larry Brown and Patricia Brown.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $500, Rudolph J. Bosch and Joycelyn Dupuy Bosch to Larry Brown and Patricia Brown.

OAK ALLEY SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2B, LOT 110: $385,000, Donald J. Gares Jr. to Patrick M. Ritchie and Jessica L. Ritchie.

OZONE PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOTS A, B, C, D, SQUARE 92: $141,000, Platinum Equity Investments LLC to Buy & Sell Houses LLC.

PENN MILL ROAD 73335: $63,000, Pine Plantation LLC to Leonard J. Standeford and Ivonne H. Standeford.

PENN MILL ROW 73231: donation, no value stated, Holly A. Vrettos to Rachael W. Vrettos.

PINE OAK DRIVE 130: $150,000, Quattro Formaggi LLC to John Barone and Heather Loyacano Barone.

PINE OAK DRIVE 132: $475,000, Quattro Formaggi LLC to John Barone III and Heather Loyacano Barone.

RIVER PARK DRIVE 16917: $272,045, DSLD Homes LLC to Darlene Moya.

ROSALIE COURT 1813: $352,600, DSLD Homes LLC to Dominic Falati and Cassie V. Falati.

ROSALIE COURT 1805: $299,250, DSLD Homes LLC to Bonnie Heidel Arnold.

RUE CHANTILLY 204: $610,000, Kenneth C. Stubbe and Karen Yvonne Stubbe to Chris North and Rita North.

S. LAKESHORE DRIVE 14359: $551,000, Stephen R. Greenwood and Sharon L. Knight to Michael T. Wong and Jamie B. Wong.

S. VERMONT ST. 315: $500,000, Robert H. Mack and Stephanie R. Mack to Letty K. Boelte intervivos trust.

SPRING DIVISION OF COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1, 2, 3, 8, SQUARE 26: donation, no value stated, Erin M. Poole to Bailey B. Champagne.

TWIN RIVER PLACE 5013: $840,858, Panno Construction LLC to Randal C. Meyer Jr. and Gina Ricciardi.

UNITED CHURCH ROAD 73155: donation, no value stated, Leander Hicks to Laquinta Nicole Crandale.

VIOLET DRIVE 3: $805,000, Murat Gundogdu and Michelle A. Haggar Gundogdu to David Allan.

W. 16TH AVE. 919: $200,000, James J. Caserta and Shannon J. Price Caserta to Warren J. Salles Jr. Estate.

W. 19TH AVE. 1227: $238,000, Brenda B. Farris to Patrick H. Clark and Nicole Higgins Smith.

WALKING STICK COURT 906: $470,000, Brad Lester Inman and Sandra W. Inman to Matthew L. Gioe and Monique M. Gioe.

WATERCROSS ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 23: $108,000, Watercross Development LLC to Panno Construction LLC.

WATERCROSS ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 71: $93,000, Watercross Development LLC to Panno Construction LLC.

ZACHERY COURT 1468: $377,060, DSLD Homes LLC to Stephen Allison and Haley Allison.


KEENELAND PLACE LOOP 183: $262,000, Nathan E. Pierre and Nicole M. Pierre to Christian R. Thibodeaux and Alyssa K. Riley Thibodeaux.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Thor Barr and Regina Gaines to Patricia Barr.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $101,000, Stephen M. Saia, Roy K. Saia and others to Malachi Lindsey and Ali Conrad Lindsey.


AZALEA LANE 30582: $160,000, Courtney P. Fricke to Sharon Audler.

AZALEA LANE 30582: no value stated, Scott W. Williams and Tracey Ray Williams to Courtney P. Fricke.

FOREST GLEN EAST SUBDIVISION, LOT 21, UNIT 2: $173,000, Sherri A. Griffin Lee to Dmytro M. Udych.

FOREST GLEN EAST SUBDIVISION, LOT 51, UNIT 1: donation, no value stated, Brandon Colby Fleming to Chelsea Renee Witchen Fleming.

HORSHIE ISLAND ROAD 31228: $322,000, Kristi M. Schulze to Bryan Cooley and Peggy Cooley.

JADE ST. 61132: $217,000, Shannon D. Frierson and Allison Bell Frierson to Tiffany A. Cox.

LA. 434 61531: $193,000, Succession of Marion M. Lapeyrouse Wagenhauser to Cameron J. Hanley and Emily E. Tiblier Hanley.

LACOMBE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 7, SQUARE 125: $12,000, Principle Homes Inc. to Conrad Houlemard and Angela Hollister Houlemard.

LAPONT DRIVE 28398: donation, no value stated, Kim Lee Wallace to Christopher M. Wallace.

OAKLAWN EAST SUBDIVISION, LOT 19, SQUARE 8: donation, no value stated, Jose L. Salazar and Leticia Fernandez Salazar to Cristian R. Salazar.

ROWLEY DRIVE 30749: $265,940, DSLD Homes LLC to Forrest C. Boggs and Kaylie M. Jacobson Boggs.

ROWLEY DRIVE 30757: $254,475, DSLD Homes LLC to Jesse Santos and Julie Santos.

SUNSET OAK BLVD. 60409: $291,400, DSLD Homes LLC to Jeremy Simoneaux and Leslye Simoneaux.


BELLE POINTE COURT 317: $520,000, Derek J. LeBlanc to Christopher Turner and Andria Turner.

BRADY ISLAND LANE 1: $2,035,000, Magnolia Contractors LLC to Steele McDaniel.

DEER PARK DRIVE 1009: $357,000, Dennis W. Bruhl and Kathy Q. Bruhl to Thomas Lobello and Peggy Lobello.

GREENVILLE TRACE 709: $142,900, Santa Maria Interest LLC to James M. Sahm and Anne Alper Sahm.

LIVE OAK HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 18, SQUARE 4: donation, no value stated, Lane P. Pennington and Ashley W. Pennington to George P. Pennington and Brenda W. Pennington.

MAGNOLIA RIDGE DRIVE 56: $645,000, Earl J. Dugas and Donna H. Dugas to Lee J. Kabrich and Rachel G. Kabrich.

OLDE TOWN SUBDIVISION, LOT 3: $1,460,000, Gottfried Family Trust to Keystone Real Estate Holdings LLC.

PERKINS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3, 8, SQUARE 1: donation, no value stated, Lane P. Pennington and Ashley W. Pennington to George A. Pennington and Brenda W. Pennington.

RUBAI YACHT COVE SUBDIVISION, LOT 3: donation, no value stated, US 190 LLC to Kim Condor Tingle.

S. BROWN THRASHER LOOP 300: $345,000, Linda Runnels Brimmer to Joshua J. Mannon and Laura J. Mannon.

SANDY BROOK CIRCLE 314: $870,000, Robert W. Diamond and Shannon Lynn Diamond to Vlad Dillas and Ann L. Dillas.

SIERRA RIDGE COURT 106: $729,000, Vincent Tonagel and Alicia Grisaffi Tonagel to Jason Irvine and Stephanie N. Irvine.

WHITE HERON DRIVE 159: $225,000, Rebekah A. Coates to Ava Faulkner Neelis.


ASBURY DRIVE 775: $527,150, A. L. Caldarera LLC to ViviDavis Development LLC.

BLUFF COURT 2418: $471,000, Christian F. Kercheval to Isaac Yates and Erica Mecham Yates.

CALHOUN ST. 1612: $170,000, Steven P. Abadie and Kristie Bartley Abadie to Kyle Benjamin Oursler.

CARA COURT 20: $375,000, David Lee Carrick Jr. and Amanda Goodwyne Melancon to Andrew M. Cosse.

CARONDELET ST. 530: $410,000, Sarah A. Donaldson to Joseph R. Lacoste Jr. and Gwendolyn M. Lacoste.

CATALPA LANE 118: $261,750, Mark W. Bonner and Elizabeth F. Bonner to Richard G. Lanasa, Logan P. Lege and Griffin Monjure Encardes.

CEDARWOOD DRIVE 322, UNIT B-3: $119,500, Kenneth R. Pepperman Sr. to Steven G. Boudreau and Nadine R. Boudreau.

CLOVER ST. 1615: donation, no value stated, Rebecca L. Zamora to Ruben R. Zamora.

CLOVER ST. 1615: donation, no value stated, Ruben R. Zamora to Anthony Zamora.

CULVER COURT 1729: $377,500, Matthew L. Gioe and Monique M. Gioe to Guy M. Robinson.

DESTIN ST. 2529: $269,900, Terri L. Gallaty to Brandon Mason.

FONTAINBLEAU DRIVE 120: $587,000, Faustino F. Santana and Monica Pardo Santana to Brian Goldstein and Amber E. Goldstein.

LAKESHORE DRIVE 1623: $875,000, John W. Swiger II to Charles P. Kelsey and Carol Beucher Kelsey.

MADEWOOD DRIVE 108: $437,500, Wayne J. Mason and Ronnie A. Mason to Gregory Roberts and Christine M. Roberts.

MONTMARTRE ST. 682: $200,000, Tristan Alan Fielding to Joe D. Flowers.

N. LOTUS DRIVE 480: $415,000, Brody G. Bourgeois and Camille F. Rozas Bourgeois to Kevin C. Ingram and Leslie B. Ingram.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $931,095, All State Financial Co. to Rocky Ourso LLC.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Richard Bourge to Timothy J. Vallee Jr. and Shelly Bourge Vallee.

OAK ST. 626: $165,000, Sally Ann Malone to William T. Krummel.

OLD MANDEVILLE WOODS SUBDIVISION, LOT 1A: $610,000, Lee Wesley Jackson and Lisa A. Jackson to John Reno and Monica Carroum Reno.

OUCHITA PLACE 303: $728,500, Marian C. Morse to Chad M. Cox and Surget Vidal Beatrous Cox.

RANDOM OAKS LANE 112: $100 and other good and valuable consideration, Gregory R. Gutgsell and Jodie S. Holloway Gutgsell to Durward B. Dunn III and Catherine C. Dunn.

RIDGEWOOD LOOP 720: $309,900, Ragnar103 LLC to Zachary C. Zimmer and Brittany M. Carmichael Zimmer.

SANCTUARY SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1B, LOTS 75-78: $1,000,000, SBN V FNBC LLC to Burns Real Estate Holdings LLC.

STONEBRIDGE COURT 42: $382,000, Brian K. McNamara and Madeleine W. McNamara to Eliska M. Estopinal Juarez.

TANAGER DRIVE 612: donation, no value stated, Kenneth Lee Thompson and Elizabeth Giddens Thompson to Thompson revocable living trust.

TOPS'L DRIVE 703, UNIT G-2: $250,000, Diana T. Adamski Barkley to Vicky Dupree Thomas.

TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, LOTS 29, 31, 33, 35 , SQUARE 266: $399,000, Cheryl Kadinger Thon to Christopher C. Boyer and Jane D. Boyer.

W. BRIGHTON COURT 104, UNIT 266: $187,500, GPLA Holdings LLC to Mallori E. Diez.

W. CHASE COURT 440: $165,000, Cindy A. Matranga to Seymour Benjamin Joseph IV and Kristin F. Joseph.

WESTWOOD DRIVE 412: $375,000, Gary M. Pennington Jr. and Kerry L. Spell Pennington to Kirk E. Saha and Kim A. Saha.


BELLE GROVE COURT 205: $45,000, Ernest J. Manint and Rosemary H. Manint to Pads Concrete LLC.

HOLMES ST. 65068: $215,000, Jeffery W. Nave and Darla Moyle Nave to Chantell Elfer.

PONDEROSA RANCHES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 108: $17,000, Succession of John C. Yost and Marjorie Samuels Yost to TM Realty LLC.


AVON COURT 107: $345,000, Eric Labourdette to Samuel F. Downey III and Kathleen A. Downey.

BAR ST. 57535: $262,900, Jeremy G. Mills and Charell R. Mills to Zachary H. Boykin.

BELLWICK BAY DRIVE 3361: $254,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Benisha Lania Russell.

BELLWICK BAY DRIVE 3436: $293,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tasha M. Dodson.

BLACKFIN COVE 119: $329,000, Franklin Castro to Myron P. Tamplain and Michelle Tamplain.

CAMPANA LANE 34381: $251,675, DSLD Homes LLC to Deneb Harris Warner.

CASTINE COVE 106: $350,000, Matthew W. Schatzel and Nina V. Brick Schatzel to Russell A. Sartin and Heidi M. Sartin.

CASTLE DRIVE 115: $230,000, Miles Down LLC to Janice Certain.

CHAMALE DRIVE 19: $413,500, Norman A. Glaser II and Jane Colombo Glaser to Bethany Perez.

CHANCE CIRCLE 104: no value stated, Samuel A. Hudson and Christine Bauer Hudson to CWABS Inc.

CHANCER LANE 1653: $190,000, Kalalau LLC to Veronica Walker.

CROSS GATES BLVD. 905: $410,000, Martin K. Jackson and Robyn R. Jackson to Michael G. Meade and Joy C. Meade.

DIJON DRIVE 137: $228,000, Taj Investments LLC to Kristin Burleson.

DIXIE RANCH ROAD 60432: $320,000, Alternative Builders & Management LLC to Aminisha Shandrel Daniel.

DRIFTWOOD CIRCLE 330: $235,000, Julie Slappy Young to Darian Cordell McClelland and Jade Arianne Brockhaus.

EVERGREEN DRIVE 524: $81,500, Janis Sutherlin to Danny Long Nguyen.

GOLDENWOOD DRIVE 118: $135,000, Kristina L. Friedrich to Shane E. Rodriguez and Katie B. Rodriguez.

GRAND SPRINGS ROAD 5610: $270,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Hector Rivera Jr. and Karen Isela Vargas-Ayala.

HAMPSHIRE DRIVE 2037: $500,000, Jane M. S. Ventura to Larry P. Englande Jr. and Ashley V. Englande.

HARBOR DRIVE 1244, UNIT 110: $144,000, Timothy D. Dupre and Tonya L. Dupre to Louis R. Robinson Jr. and Gail D. Robinson.

HEATHER LANE 2062: $267,000, Nathan Kyle White to Joshua Craig.

JACKSON ST. 35270: $109,000, Lisa Evans Barto to Schami L. Tassin.

JAY ST. 2005: donation, no value stated, Linda Sue Pere Northrup to Laura Echar Morris.

JEFFERSON ST. 36441: $94,937, Kevin J. Sanchez and Laura D. Sanchez to Speedy Home Solutions LLC.

LA. 433 35119: $143,000, Deborah L. Starkey to Shane Swanson.

LORELEI CIRCLE 200: $415,000, Casey J. Ice and Danielle E. Ice to Nicholas Dale and Savannah Lacoste.

MELODY LANE 132: $195,000, Neil J. Rohlinger, succession of Paul Benedict Rohlinger, Kathryn M. Rohlinger and others to Dusty C. Rose and Marina Q. Rose.

MOONRAKER DRIVE 159: donation, no value stated, William V. Garibaldi IV to Brittany M. Ward.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Edward C. Farrell Jr. to Janice Bernos Farrell.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Lionel Cooper to Debbie Cooper.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $10,000, John H. Dunlop Sr. and Sandra M. Dunlop to Theodore E. Reab Jr. and Kimberly D. Reab.

OLD BAYOU LIBERTY ROAD 36405: $285,000, Stephen Paul Herbert and Julie Harris Herbert to Charlotte Freret Harris.

PEBBLE BEACH DRIVE 123: $310,000, Robert A. Florisi and Suni E. Votaw Florisi to Michael J. Legier and Catina N. Legier.

REBECCA REID DRIVE 1104: $260,000, Gregory Paul Sanchez and Courtney Behrent Sanchez to Kenneth M. Coleman.

ROBERT ROAD 61213: $20,000, Travis T. Deyo to Dominga E. Rodriguez Trujillo.

ROBIN ST. 2106: $205,000, Luke A. Dennis and Kelly H. Dennis to Rebecca Atkinson.

SEAGULL CIRCLE 3889: $209,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Cemilia Brierre Shaw.

SEAGULL CIRCLE 3902: $199,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Antoine C. Ferbos and Kemba A. Jones.

SPRING DRIVE 59446: $128,750, Justin C. Carter and Laura Ann Carter to Bruce J. Kiger Jr., Arlinda V. Kiger and Nicholas J. Kiger.

SUNRISE BLVD. 3129: $135,000, BLD Investments LLC to Charles M. Benson and Kimberly A. Benson.

TANGLEWOOD VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 169, SQUARE 2: $285,000, Andrei Mihailescu to Noah Ainsworth and Erica Ainsworth.

TIMBER RIDGE DRIVE 132: $195,000, Kostmayer LLC to Johnathan A. West.

U.S. 11 4512, UNIT 4: $70,000, Charlene Danflous Mora to Anthony M. Boackle and Abraham Milton Boackle.

VILLAGE DRIVE 126, UNIT 126: $110,000, S.P.S. Holdings LLC to Vilma M. Maldonado.

W. LAKE DRIVE 454: $300,000, Timothy B. Browne and Matthew G. Broome to Harold J. Gross Jr. and Cromaine D. Gross.

WELLINGTON LANE 2149: $245,000, Criste M. Parker to Peter M. Martin Jr.


NEAR BUSH, PORTION OF GROUND: $240,000, Edward J. LeBlanc Jr. to Dustin W. Mooney.


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St. Tammany property transfers for June 11-17, 2024. See a list of home and other sales. (2024)


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