Real Estate Roundup: Bealeton home set on 46 acres sells for $1.15M and more Fauquier County transactions (2024)

A four-bedroom, six-bath Bealeton residence sold recently for $1.15 million.

Located on over 46 acres of lush farmland, the 3,330-square-foot custom home features a wide front porch, rear deck, pool and gorgeous views.

“Once inside, you'll appreciate the large room sizes that were designed for entertaining,” the Zillow listing states. “The great room is located just off the gourmet eat in kitchen. And tucked behind the kitchen you'll find a large family room/den overlooking spacious rear decking, pool and a stunning view of the pond.”

Real Estate Roundup: Bealeton home set on 46 acres sells for $1.15M and more Fauquier County transactions (1)

The primary bedroom suite with a luxury bath is located on the main level along with an en-suite bedroom.

Upstairs, you’ll find “two huge bedrooms each with ample storage and their own bathrooms,” the listing states.

The basem*nt has been partially finished, and the property also features an oversize garage and shed.

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The property was listed by Becky Miller and Charles Miller with Piedmont Fine Properties and purchased with Stanley Heaney of CENTURY 21 New Millennium.

Check out additional Fauquier County real estate transactions below:

Center District

-Louann Menard and Peter Menard to Melinda Flis, 59 Sire Way, Warrenton, $416,500, on May 24.

-Nicolette Weeks and Floyd Weeks to Mark Logan, 6434 Lancaster Drive, Warrenton, $615,000, on May 24.

-Jeffery Comer and Jacqueline Comer to Jamie Pflugfelder, 344 Blackwell Road, $715,000, on May 28.

-Matthew Robert Wilson and Taylor Nicole Wilson to Brian Bridgeford and Donna Bridgeford, 238 Norma Dean Drive off Winchester Street, Warrenton, $750,000, on May 29.

-Susan Ilene Roth and others to Kendra Loree Hilligoss and Trevor Preston Hillgoss, 7629 Movern Lane, Warrenton, $800,000, on May 24.

-NVR Inc. to Juston James Ellis and Kimberly Ellis, 3143 Forestdale Drive, $949,990, on May 30.

-James Hoobler and Gloria J. Hoobler to Brent Schoenduby and Corrie L. Schoenduby, 6475 Loudoun Court, Warrenton, $700,000, on May 30.

-William Anthony Gianopulos and others to Cristopher Weist and Christina J. Araujo-Weist, 340 Singleton Circle, $715,000, on May 29.

-Andrew B. Gilliam and others to Steve M. Sternberg and Cassandra L. Sternberg, 290 Gay Road, Warrenton, $716,900, on May 29.

-Michael Sontos and Andrea Sontos to Christian Gerhardt and Justine Gerhardt, 68 Frazier Road, Warrenton, $565,000, on May 23.

-Christine P. Grammar and Christine P. Patterson to Trung Binh Lee and Thi Thuy Duong Le, 65 Fishback Court, Warrenton, $585,000, on May 31.

-Timothy M. Henderson and Athena S. North Henderson to Steven Wells Maas and Barbara Goodwell Maas, 257 Onyx Way, Warrenton, $530,000, on May 31.

-Erin M. Trumble to Janel C. Wallace and Michael A. Rodgers, 208 Fairfield Drive, Warrenton, $349,900, on May 31.

-Chris John Kastl and Mary Ellen Kastl to Timothy James Fulmer and Karla Julissa Fulmer, 6406 Cedar Brook Lane, Warrenton, $780,000, on June 3.

-Polly A. McCoy and Vincent R. McCoy to George E. Blincoe and Carla F. Blincoe, 174 North View Circle, $750,000, on June 4.

-Syeda N. Haroon and Mirza H. Ali to Jared M. Sims and Samantha Ashli Delach, 112 Flikeid Lane, Warrenton, $382,500, on May 31.

-Thomas James Ross II and others to Matthew Gothers, 125 English Chase Lane, $636,500, on June 3.

-Thomas S. Bartkiewicz and Donna J. Bartkiewicz to Daniel C. Silverman and Kathryn L. Pocalyko, 45 Fishback Court, $555,000, on June 6.

Cedar Run District

-Thomas B. Miller II and Kelly Miller to Justin Ray Demeter and MaryBeth Elaine Demeter, 13354 Blackwells Mill Road, $545,000, on May 21.

-Jonathan Annis and Cristina Anni to Richard Carlson and Nicole Adams, 11779 Elk Run Road, Catlett, $745,000, on May 15.

-Kristina Gilbert to Netor E. Cortez Vasquez and Rosalba G. Mejia Alvarenga, 13344 Elk Run Road, near Morrisville, $490,000, on May 23.

-James Caron and Karon Caron to Matthew King and Michelle King, 9111 Foulks Road, Catlett, $800,000, on May 29.

-Martin J. McLaughlin IV and Hannah McLaughlin to Monica Jewell Keen and Andrew Laird Keen, 7662 Greenwood Way, near Nokesville, $570,000, on May 30.

-Skye V. Ferguson and Jacob Ferguson to Kaela Mattson, 2.8 acres on Old Auburn Road, $49,900, on May 30.

-Vint Hill Rentals LLC with Christopher Markwood as member and manager to Lightning Ridge Rentals LLC, 1.6 acres at 7397 Rogues Road and 1.6 acres at 7415 Rogues Road, Nokesville, $933,333, on May 29.

-Kettle Run LLC with John McCallister as managing member to DR Horton Inc., 14800 and 14801 Fauquier Pines Court of Burwell Road and Fitzwater Drive, $780,000, on May 15.

-Spittle Family Revocable Living Trust with Erick Spittle and Susan Spittle as trustees to Colleen Virginia Tobin and John Shotwell, 5351 Christa Court, near Warrenton, $750,000, on May 30.

-Maureen D. Roberts and Leslie A. Roberts to Geraldine Ann Viscal and Donald Viscal, 12620 Lake Coventry Drive, Bealeton, $602,500, on June 5.

-Robert Donaldson III and Meghan Donaldson to Joseph Davies and Michele Davies, 8172 Poplar Grove Drive, Warrenton, $760,000, on June 6.

Marshall District

-Lindas Realty LLC with Joe M. Djassebi as authorized member to Paul Young-Jin Lee, 12083 Fawn Ridge Road, Linden, $420,000, on May 23.

-Clearview Farm Estates LLC with Claude T. Compton Jr. and Christian T. Compton as managing members to Maronda Homes of Virginia LLC, 1.6 acres on Piney Mountain Road, $200,000, on May 23.

-William J. Clinton and Sharon J. Clinton to Tracey Lee Schmitt and Nicholas Lintott, 9136 John S. Mosby Highway and additional 1,505 square feet at Village of Upperville, $2,250,000, on May 22.

-Magnolia Tree LTD and others to Rebecca B. Hart and Douglas G. Hart, 10513 Columbia Street, Village of Paris, $440,000, on May 22.

-Christopher Rapin and Virginia Lee Wright to Cornelis B. Jacobs and Constance A. Jacobs, 8.8 acres on the west side of Route 734, $365,000, on May 31.

-ZAND 78 LLC with Partow Payandeh as manager to William Eiccher and Rachelle Eicher, taxed as 50 acres and easem*nts near Markham, $300,000, on May 30.

-Jeremy Harridath and Andrea Carolina Puentes Riano to Wendy Daunheimer, 5610 Selone Trail, Marshall, $730,000, on May 29.

-John C. Holland and Mark F. Hyson to Pamela Gaylin Ryder, .7 acres on Atoka Road, Marshall, $170,000, on May 28.

-Sydnee Elaine Groves to Carl Porter and Hyechong Porter, 6659 Turning Rune Lane, Marshall, $1,100,000, on June 3.

-Clearview Farm Estates LLC with Christian T. Compton and Joyce B. Compton as managing members to Maronda Homes of Virginia LLC, 3.1 acres on Piney Mountain Road, $225,000, on May 30.

-Katherine Dover McCormick to Ralph Gilbert Buckman Jr. and Karen Patricia Buckman, 3073 Winchester Road, $301,000, on May 30.

-Demavand 9 LLC with Partow Payandeh as manager to William Eicher and Rachelle Eicher, 50 acres on Audubon Trail, near Markham, $410,000, on June 5.

-Harvich Family Trust with Matthew K. Harvich as successor to Furong Liang, 5130 Thorpe Hill Road, $725,000, on June 4.

-Thomas V. Payne and Karla C. Payne to Main Street Heritage LLC, 4196 Frost St. in Utterback subdivision, Marshall, $460,000, on June 7.

Lee District

-Alejandro Serrano Portillo and others to Ever D. Gamez Navas and Marta A. Lope Degamez, 11005 James Madison Highway, Bealeton, $390,000, on May 24.

-Raymond A. Disanza to RMH Builders LLC, 4.6 acres on Rogers Ford Road and Brianna Lane, Sumerduck, $260,000, on May 22.

-Red Hawk Holdings LLC with Neal Sutliff as manager to Kenneth A. Breckley and Candace Lee Breckley, 8.1 acres on Snake Castle Road, Sumerduck, $142,500, on May 24.

-NVR Inc. to Gloria Ohemeng-Niffah and Patrick El-Eshun, 3185 Jefferson Blvd., Bealeton, $428,660, on May 28.

-Frank S. Zagrod and others to Mark F. Hyson, 7441 Highgate Lane, Bealeton, $1,150,000, on May 22.

-Blake Meadow LLC with Michael Murray as managing member to Jonathan F. Dries and Emily M. Dries, 10753 Blake Lane, Bealeton, $440,000, on May 23.

-Sara J. co*ckerill and others to Luis Carlos Solis Ramirez Sr. and Helen Marisol Canessa Portillo, 1.3 acres on Route 786, $10,000, on May 10.

-Christina Marie Burchett to Chenoa Tate Schmitz, 182 Wankoma Drive, Remington, $280,000, on May 31.

-Jose Manuel Mendoza Portillo to Jose Cristino Portillo, 11741 Freemans Ford Road, Remington, $160,000, on June 1.

-Richard Robert Beechler to Jefferson Holdings LLC, 6735 Huntland Drive, Bealeton, $350,000, on June 4.

-Glenn S. Nisler and Julianawati Nisler to Emma Rose Paterson and Joshua Frank Jordan, 10946 Rugby Drive, Bealeton, $425,000, on June 3.

-Mark G. Potter Sr. to Bradley Smoot and Casey Smoot,, 7274 Third St., Remington, $382,000, on May 31.

-Shayne Alexander Miller to Caitlin A. Pierce, 10949 Rugby Drive, Bealeton, $405,000, on June 4.

Scott District

-Cihan Surucuoglu and Vildan Surucuoglu to Craig Welch and Katherine Welch, 1174 Brittle Ridge Road, $836,000, on May 23.

-Stavroula K. Skourils and others to Mohammad Talib, 1.8 acres on James Madison Highway and Della Street, near Opal, $250,000, on May 28.

-Brett McKinnon to Anthony Drosos and Brittany Drosos, 1.7 acres at 4518 Highpoint Lane and 2.2 acres one mile northeast of the Broad Run Post Office, $800,000, on May 23.

-Doris Dulany Moates and Shelley N. Jones to Holden Panetti and Gabrielle Alexandra Panetti, 5070 Dulany Lane, Broad Run, $700,000, on May 20.

-Claudia C. Colvin and others to Aust Phoenix and Alison Victoria Sinclair, 6093 Whippoorwill Drive, near Warrenton, $760,000, on May 24.

-Catherine Ellis and Catherine Thompson to Kenneth Abner and Suzanne Kendall Abner, 6768 Warwick Lane, near Warrenton, $840,000, on May 28.

-Thomas G. Rish to Vincent Crate and Amanda Crate, 7006 Kelly Road, near Warrenton, $515,000, on May 29.

-The Plains Renewal Corp to The Plains Real Estate LLC, 6474 Main Street, The Plains, $500,000, on June 3.

-Taylor J. Clark and Alexandra A. Clark to Eric L. Kiefert and Lauren M. Keifert, 7141 Lake Drive, near Warrenton, $850,000, on May 30.

-Keth E. Lewis and Charla Kim Lewis to Laura Farley and Jonathan Schmeltz, 6084 Kirkland Drive, near Warrenton, $803,196, on June 4.


Real Estate Roundup is compiled by Rappahannock Media's Cameron Delean with recent transaction records provided by Clerk of the Circuit Court Gail Barb. Contact Delean

Real Estate Roundup: Bealeton home set on 46 acres sells for $1.15M and more Fauquier County transactions (2024)


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