Donald E. Roeder Obituary 2024 - Gearty-Delmore Funeral Chapels (2024)

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Mass of Christian Burial for Donald Roeder

Donald Edward Roeder, 78, of Plymouth, passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 29, 2024. He was surrounded by his loving wife, two children and spouses and six grandchildren.

Don was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 29,1945, where he grew up with four siblings: Marilyn, Frankie, Richard (Dick) and Kathleen. Older siblings Bobby and Rosemary died in early childhood. Being the youngest child, his older siblings took amazing care of him. His father, Frank, and mother, Helen, were devout Catholics and local business owners. His father managed a corner grocery store, butcher shop and tavern near their St. Louis home. Don loved being exposed to the family businesses, instilling his entrepreneurial spirit. Don attended Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis where he played football and basketball.

Don attended Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Upon his graduation, he enlisted in the Marine Corps where he trained to become a fighter pilot and Captain. Don flew the McDonnell Douglas F-4 and logged more than 1100 hours in the co*ckpit. His call sign was Zipper. Don was stationed with his F-4 squadron at El Toro Marine Corps Air Base in Southern California. He was deployed on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal and traveled the Mediterranean Ocean in 1972-1973. At the time, the F4 and USS Forrestal were state of the art. He enamored his friends, family, children and grandchildren with countless stories of his incredible career as a pilot. Don's many nieces and nephews looked up to him and considered him, their very own "Top Gun."

Don met Bonnie during his military career in Southern California at a Catholic mixer. They would both attest to love at first sight. They married in 1975; following his military career, they settled in Denver, Colorado near Don’s sister, Marilyn and family. Don and Bonnie welcomed their two children, Sarah and Frank, while in Denver. Don worked for IBM and then Storage Technology Corporation in Denver. He also attended the University of Regis, earning his Master’s Degree in Business. Don was relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1986 for a promotion at Storage Tech. While the position lasted only a few years, Minneapolis stuck and became his home for the remainder of his life.

Don started his own business, Encore Brokers, in Minnesota in 1990. He led and grew the business for 29 years and employed many faithful employees he would also call friends.

Don and Bonnie watched their family grow in Minnesota and he was blessed with six grandchildren. He was an incredible grandfather and loved his grandchildren as they were his own. They looked up to him with great pride and joy and loved bouncing on his knee, listening to him read stories, and laughing at his timely jokes. The oldest grandchild, Elise, first called him Umpa. All six grandchildren still affectionately refer to him as Umpa.

Don was a faithful Catholic and did not miss a Sunday Mass. Don and Bonnie were members at Nativity of our Lord in Broomfield, Colorado and became members at Holy Name of Jesus, in Medina, MN upon their move. HNOJ is a few short miles from their home and they have attended regularly since 1986. He enjoyed volunteering for Eucharistic Adoration at a late evening/early morning time slot that was difficult to fill. He was very active in the church and both children attended Nativity and then Holy Name schools through 6th grade.

Don was very active and had many hobbies. He was an avid outdoorsman and loved fishing, hunting, walking and taking his children on camping trips and adventures to Northern Minnesota. He passed his love of the outdoors onto his children with countless fishing and hunting trips through Minnesota and Nebraska. Many memories were made, and lifelong passions were passed down and are now continued through the grandchildren.

Don was also a coach. In Colorado, he coached the Nativity 5th grade boys’ basketball team to the Denver Catholic Championship. He coached both children: Sarah in basketball and soccer and Frank in baseball. He would not miss watching his children participate in any sport, school activity, Scouts or other endeavor and was always present and active in their lives.

Don also became an avid golfer in Minnesota where he regularly played at two local courses: Shamrock and Hollydale. Don played with a loyal group of friends and was active in a league connected by the two courses. He was “league champion” on multiple occasions. His friends would compliment him by saying he was “boring” to watch as he rarely missed fairways and established an incredible short game where he could scramble “up and down” with ease. At his peak, he was a low single digit handicap often scoring in the low 70’s. He approached golf as he did all things in life: with focus, dedication and hours of practice.

While Don was not materialistic, he took incredible care of his home and vehicles. He took great pride over his yard, home, gardens and cars.

Above all his achievements, activities, and successes, Don was an incredible human. He loved his wife Bonnie with all of his heart and soul and treated her with great respect and love. Anyone who knew him knew his kindness of heart and genuine nature. He taught his children lessons of patience and kindness: “patience is power.” He was genuine, humble and present for anyone in his life. He carried himself with great integrity and compassion.

Don is survived by wife, Bonnie, daughter, Sarah (Dave) Amelotte; son, Frank (Annie) Roeder; grandchildren, Elise, Kate, and Lauren Amelotte and Tate, McLean and Bowen Roeder and many beloved nieces and nephews.

Don is preceded in death by his parents, Frank and Helen Roeder, siblings, Marilyn, Frank Jr, Robert, Rosemary, Richard and Kathleen.

The family would like to thank the Park Nicollet Hospice team and the Trails of Orono staff for their loving care of Don. We are grateful for the many family and friends who have carried us through this difficult time with their love and support.

Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 9 at Holy Name of Jesus, 155 County Road 24, Medina, MN. Burial will follow in the church cemetery. Visitation will be one hour prior to the Mass at the Church. A luncheon will follow the service in the Parish Good Samaritan Center.

Memorials preferred for a scholarship for a deserving student in need and/or for Visitation Sisters of Visitation Monastery in North Minneapolis.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Donald E. Roeder Obituary 2024 - Gearty-Delmore Funeral Chapels (2024)


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