9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (2024)

We’ve heard a lot about Whole 30 dessert recipes, and the dinner and breakfast recipes fill our Pinterest page, so we decided to do a little research and find the best Whole30 desserts out there!

A whopping5% of Americansparticipate in the Whole30 diet.

For that reason, we get tons of frequently asked questions about Whole30 rules and Whole30 foods.Read on below to have those frequently asked questions answered!


What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a popular and somewhat trendy diet (or lifestyle) that involves removing sugar, dairy, legumes, and grains from your diet.

Even though desserts aren’t technically “allowed” on the Whole30 diet, we believe you don’t need to deprive yourself of a little sweetness!

We’re all about being healthier, but there’s always room for a little sweetness!! We rounded up 9 delicious Whole30-approved desserts to inspire any of you who are currently sticking to a strict eating plan and craving something sweet! Here’s to a happier and healthier you!

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9 Whole30 Dessert Recipes You’ll Love

1. Chocolate and Coconut Almond Joy Bars by40 Aprons

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (1)

These are similar to chewy Lara’s Bars. In addition, they’re simple to make.

2. Roasted Strawberries and Coconut Cream byBrooklyn Supper

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (2)

Strawberries paired with homemade whipped coconut cream… sounds like a dream!

3. Coconut Almond Butter Truffles byRunning to the Kitchen

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (3)

This a simple, no-bake, three-ingredient recipe that is the perfect treat on the go!

4. Caramelized Banana Pecan Coconut Milk Ice Cream byMy Natural Family

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (4)

This flavor combo is perfection! How can you go wrong with this? Totally sweet-tooth satisfying.

5. Sautéed Apples and Pears with Coconut Butter byPaleo Running Momma

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (5)

It doesn’t get easier than this! Simple and delicious, perfect for Whole30.

6. Clean Chocolate Cupcakes byMonika Hibbs

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (6)

I don’t think I could live without chocolate cupcakes… these are well deserved.

7. Banana Almond Chia Seed Pudding by Simply Veganista

Huge fan of anything with chia seeds, especially chia seed pudding!

8. Cantaloupe Nice Cream Bowls byGet Inspired Everyday

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (8)

Nice cream is so fun to make! It’s a banana-based ice cream recipe, and we had it in France and shared a recipe for it here! However, you must like bananas to enjoy this recipe!

9. Three Ingredient Brownies byPopSugar

9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (9)

Also, I don’t think I could live without brownies! You have to try this recipe!

Whole30 Dessert Recipes

  • LayeredApple & Date ParfaitsbyThe Almond Eater
  • Chocolate and Coconut Almond Joy Bars by40 Aprons
  • Banana Almond Chia Seed Pudding byGrits and Chopsticks

Frequently Asked Whole30 Questions

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a 30-day diet program that began back in 2009. Unlike some diets that require you to purchase specific brands and eat tasteless “substitute” foods, Whole30 encourages you to explore your pallet and cook real, natural food.

Whole30 is about far more than weight loss. In fact, the biggest goal of Whole30 is to determine any food sensitivities you may have that cause you discomfort or pain. The objective is to eliminate the food groups that cause themost digestive issues, including dairy and gluten, and explore how your body feels without them!

What Can You Eat on Whole30?

When you’re on Whole30, it’s important that you stick to Whole30 foods. Each time you break the diet and consume something on the “no” list, you’re expected to start the calendar over on day 1!

On Whole30, you can eat meat, seafood, and eggs. You can also eat vegetables and fruit. Finally, you can cook with natural fats, herbs, and seasonings.

There are also a few Whole30-approved exceptions worth knowing about.

As a dairy source, you can use ghee or clarified butter. There are a handful of legumes, including green beans and sugar snap peas, that make a list. You may also use salt, coconut aminos, vinegar, and natural fruit juice.

If you’re interested in making your own yogurt bowl, check our post here.

Are Bananas Whole30 Foods?

The simple answer is yes, bananas are allowed under the Whole30 rules! They are, after all, a fruit.

The best way to eat a banana on Whole30 is whole and either fresh or frozen. This is the safest way to follow their guidelines.

Admittedly, the official rules discourage the use of bananas in mock ice cream or healthy pancakes.

The thinking behind this is that you’re not unlearning to enjoy those foods. Let’s be real here, and say that no one’s learningnotto enjoy ice cream, and we have every right to a healthy alternative!

Are Whole30 and Keto Similar?

The only thing whole 30 dessert recipes and Keto have in common is that they are both diets. However, the objective of Keto is far different and involves a very different meal plan.

Keto is designed to push your body into ketosis, where your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

On Keto, you are supposed to avoid carbohydrates, even natural ones in whole foods like apples. Instead, you are supposed to eat foods high in natural fat, such as cheese, avocados, and nuts.

Are you a dessert lover? These are guilt-free keto cake recipes

Pick the Plan That Works for You

Whether you’re going all out with Whole30 or picking and choosing the Whole30 foods that are right for you, we support it! All that matters is that you’re eating in ways that make you feel good and keep your body up and running.

If you need a little something sweet, try one of these whole 30 dessert recipes!! The ingredients are all Whole30 ingredients, so really… is it a dessert or a “snack.” That’s for you to decide!

If you have tried one of these whole 30 dessert recipes or any others DIYs on my blog, then please rate it and let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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9 Whole 30 Dessert Recipes You'll Love (2024)


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